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Monday, November 7, 2011

What to wear on a first date

Ever wonder what outfit would be perfect to wear when on the dating scene?  Well here are some tips for making the best decision:

For Women:

It's very important that if you're a woman you don't do too much all at once!  For instance, DO NOT wear a dress that is too tight and cut too low in places around the cleavage and thighs.  The ONLY thing a guy will be focused on if you're dressed like that is the bedroom and you'll be viewed as a sex object.  Dressed like that, a particular guy may also not want to continue a second date with you depending on what they're looking for.  Instead, wear a nice fitting dress that isn't too tight that shows the collarbone area.  A funny fact is that guys like to see the collarbone and wrists on a woman.  Another important factor to consider when figuring out what to wear is color so never wear a red dress on a first date.  Make sure to put on some good smelling perfume because that's another thing guys like.  Lastly, don't wear so much makeup! Guys really hate when women pile on tons of makeup; it makes guys wonder what actual face lies under all the makeup.  Just remember that less of the extra stuff is more when deciding what's best to wear on your first date.

For Men:

For starters, make sure you're pants properly fit and are pulled up; women don't take guys seriously who are still in the saggy pants stage.  With that said, one of the main things a woman looks at too when on a date with a man is his SHOES so please make sure your shoes are really nice and not dirty.  Don't wear shades because women like to see your eyes in conversation.  When dressing a guy should also consider wearing a nice polo or button down shirt.  Lastly, a guy should stray from wearing a bunch of cologne or any cologne at all; studies have shown that women are turned off by cologne scent depending on the capacity.  Overall, women think that a guy that takes care of his appearance is a person that would take good care of her well in a relationship.  By following this advice, you're well on your way to making a good first impression.  

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