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Friday, October 7, 2011

Kanye West Fashion Show in Paris

Recently, Kanye West showed his Women's fashion line in Paris and it has been getting mixed reviews.  Some people are saying that the line was fine while others are saying that the clothes didn't fit and wasn't a good look for women to wear.  I have to say that I admire Kanye West and I think the only way a statement can be made on whether or not he succeeded or failed is if he reaches the target market he's after.  Ever since Kanye West changed his music style and had the Taylor Swift incident at the MTV music awards that one year, many people are trying to hate on Kanye any way that they can.  There are always some clothes that aren't as appealing to others coming from even the best of clothing designers; I do think that Kanye may have had a better turn out starting his fashion show in the US first as opposed to Paris because it takes a while to have other countries accept foreigners products depending on their culture. I can see why Kanye wanted to have his show in Paris since normally African American Designers never get the opportunity or pursue shows in places like the fashion capital of the world. Above all, when it comes to any type of business there must be a lot of interaction with the makers of a product to have expected outcomes when its go time. 

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