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Thursday, September 15, 2011

ANTM All Stars

America's Next Top Model season premiere was on Wednesday and it was a good episode especially because it was only models from past cycles so regular viewers instantly could recognize many of the girls.  I thought it was pretty innovative of Tyra to do an All Stars season; some of the girls in the competition is Bianca, Bre, Dominque, Camille, Kayla, Isis, Sheena, Lisa, Shannon, and Alexandria. The girls took photos and had their judging live in front of an audience. Tyra announced the prizes which are a lot more from the previous seasons.  Nigel Barker has on some hair piece that's not quite working out but from watching the live judging I couldn't help but notice how great Sheena looked in her outfit; she got many compliments. Also during the judging, Alexandria was booed and called the B word (b*tch) which was rude.

ANTM All Stars airs each Wednesday at 9pm on The CW. To find out what will be on the next episode or to audition for cycle 18 of ANTM Click Here

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