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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A couple nice clothes mens & womens

Here are some cool clothes to wear for style

Right here is a women's puff sleeve blouse.  It comes in a variety of colors all which look nice. The price is $78.

This last one is a 3/4 sleeve ruffled tunic.  chic style.  It is on sale for $69.
These shirts are available at A/X,

Here are some womens dresses and first here is a ruffle sleeve sweater dress.  The basic color and the ruffles on the sleeve makes this a noticable outfit. it cost $130.

Next is this pleated cross front dress.  This is the best color they have i think.  It would be best to wear at a nice party or event. It cost $125.

Here is another dress that would be good for a party or event.  This studded ponte dress has an interest belt around the waist.  It is priced at $125.

You may want to wear a dress one day but notice that its a little chiller.  This dress here would be good to wear.  It is a mixed rib sweater dress and cost  $98.  Also comes in blue which also looks nice.

Next here is the chain mail romper. It has a unique look and i would say go for it.  It cost $130.

Last for womens dresses is this color block belted dress.  Also a unique look itll probably be a head turner.  It is on sale for  $79.  These dresses are available at Armani Exchange

Now for some mens wear.  Here you see a patterned shirt.  I think the detail is interesting.  This flock printed shirt is priced at $78

Next is this beaded placket shirt.  The lighter color you see in the middle is the beaded part.  It cost $98.

Next is this interesting shirt.  The design has a dressier look to it but can be worn casual the way its made.  This Rouched placket shirt is $88.

Here is the diamond burnout shirt.  The detail on this one adds a suave look.  It cost $78.

Now here is the satin check dress shirt.  I like this color best and it has this cool shine to it.  The price is $98.

Last but not least is this stud placket shirt.  It has studs goin down the middle of the shirt that is a fresh look.  It is on sale for $69.  All these mens shirts are available at The A/X

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